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Chemie Trading is the official supplier, distributor and marketing company for Germany chemical company – Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG. in Malaysia. We specialize in supplying various of phosphates like Sodium Hexametaphosphate  – SHMP , Monopotassium phosphate – MKP , chemical buffering agent , chemical free flow agent ,  phosphate additives , Trisodium phosphate , chemical stabilizing agent , chemical cleaning Agent, chemical sequestering Agent , and etc,  throughout Malaysia.

At, we are a team of customer-oriented specialists who provide high-quality and high-purity phosphates, which are applied in all lines of industry covering all areas of life.

We aspire to provide specific and sound solutions to meet with your diverse industrial requirements.


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Budenheim Worlwide, a story of more than a 100 years…

When the Budenheim chemical plant was established in 1908 for the production of tartar in Germany, no one ever imagined that this would be the foundations of a global company. Today it is considered a customer-oriented specialist for high-quality phosphates and specialist chemistry everywhere in the world. Budenheim’s philosophy embraces innovative strength and a thirst for discovery and helps to continuously open up new markets.

Budenheim produces far beyond Germany’s borders and is thus always close to people and their markets. Customer proximity and specialisation on innovative, custom-made solutions are important factors for our company’s international success. High-purity additives from production sites in Spain, Germany, Mexico, China, and the USA improve people’s quality of life worldwide and strengthen the key markets.



Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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