Dispersed Blue 06

Dispersed Blue 06 is a chemical formula that is in liquid form. It is used as color dispersion, optical whiteness, color correction etc.



Thorough and uniform distribution of a colorant is required for full effectiveness in various applications.

This is achieved by dispersing ultramarine blue pigment to form a welldispersed, free-flowing liquid. The end result is the product called Dispersed Blue 06 with the following main applications:

-          Powder and liquid detergents to give color as well as to enhance whiteness to the fabric.

-          As a non-toxic artist color.

-          Color correction in emulsion paint, in latex, and paper production.


Dispersed Blue 06 offers the following benefits:

-          Consistent quality

-          Good value for money

-          Easy to use by simply stirring in

-          Optimum color strength because of good dispersion.



Density : around 1.34 gm/mi

Solid content : about 50%

Physical form : liquid

Solubility in water : fully miscible


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