Phosphate SHMP (Sodium hexametaphosphate) – BUDIT 8H

BUDIT ® 8H is a Sodium Hexametaphosphate (or known as SHMP) in an instantized coarse powder form. It is a food graded product. It can be used in industrial applications as sequestering agent, cleaning agent, buffering agent and other applications.

These include in the industry of ceramics, food, metal treatment, paints, photo, toothpastes, washing and cleaning agents, water treatment and so on.



Sodium Hexametaphosphate – SHMP

Instantized coarse powder

Food Grade



Sodium polyphosphate glasses are hygroscopic and tend to form clumps at the bottom of the mixing vessel when added too quickly to the water. In contrast to these normal types of sodium polyphosphates, BUDIT 8 H is an instantized long-chain sodium polyphosphate glass in coarse powder form, manufactured by a special process developed by the Budenheim Chemical Company. The loose structure given to BUDIT 8 H by the instantizing process ensures good stability during storage (low hygroscopicity), clump-free solutions and a high rate of solubility.

Aqueous solutions of BUDIT 8 H are weakly alkaline. If the solution is allowed to stand for a prolonged period, hydrolytic decomposition to condensed phosphates with shorter chain lengths and finally to monophosphate will occur.

The rate of hydrolysis depends on pH of the solution, the concentration and the temperature. At pH levels in the neutral or weakly alkaline range and at room temperature BUDIT 8 H can be maintained in a virtually unchanged state for long periods.

One important technical property of sodium polyphosphate glasses is their ability to bind complexes of polyvalent cations. Long-chain sodium polyphosphate glasses are ideal for binding the salts causing hardness in water, whilst the polyphosphates with short and medium-length chains are most suitable for forming complexes with heavy metal ions like iron, manganese and copper. Sodium polyphosphates also possess emulsifying, suspending and peptising properties, these becoming more pronounced with reduction in the length of the chain.





Metal treatment




Wash and cleaning agents

Water Treatment



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