Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate – BUDAL® K141

BUDAL® K141 is a Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (or Monopotassium phosphate), in a crystal form. It is a food graded product as well as halal graded. It can be used in industrial applications as pH adjuster, flame retardant, food additive, food preservative and other applications.



Potassium dihydrogen phosphate / Monopotassium phosphate

Halal grade

Food grade


General Description

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate E 340, INS 340 (i) (recommendation)

Appearance: Crystals

BUDAL® K141 is a food grade product and complies with the requirements of the current EC Food Additive Regulation and Codex Alimentarius (JECFA). Information on food additive declaration can be found in the EU Food Information Regulation or the Codex Alimentarius Labelling Standard.



BUDAL® K141 is intended to be used for various applications in the food industry.

Other than food additive, it is also used as buffering agent, flame retardants, pH adjuster and many other applications.


Dosage Recommendation

The dosage of BUDAL® K141 depends on the application and is calculated as P2O5 on finished product within EU. Maximum dosages and usage categories can be found in the actual EU food additive regulation. For other regions information is available on request.


Packaging Information

Standard packaging

BUDAL® K141 is available in 25kg PES bags.

Information on other packaging options is available upon request. All packaging materials comply with the relevant EU and United States food contact legislation.


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