At, we supply various phosphates to suit your industry needs throughout Malaysia. Do contact us for consultation and further information on how to enhance or maximize production by using phosphate for better efficiency.

Our major stock items are as follow:

1) Dispersed Blue 06 - a liquid form formula used as color dispersion, optical whiteness, color correction etc.

2) Lightstab 80 - a granular form formula used as UV light stabilizer for plastic (UV masterbatch).

3) BUDIT 8H (Sodium Hexametaphosphate, SHMP) from Budenheim, Germany - used as sequestering agent, cleaning agent, buffering agent and other applications.

4) BUDAL K141 (Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate) from Budenheim, Germany – used as pH adjuster, flame retardant, food additive, food preservative and other applications.


We also supply, in Malaysia, various phosphates from Budenheim, Germany, which are used for industrial applications such as cleaning agents, buffering agents, free flow agents, tablet making, anti-corrosion agents, sequestering agents, refractories, stabilizers and many other potential applications.


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phosphate rock



 Below are the potential applications of our phosphates:

Animal Food

Application Product Uses
Complementary feeding stuff for livestock breeding Calcium orthophosphates, Ferric phosphates,Mgnesium orthophosthates, Potassium orthophosthates, Sodium orthophosthates, Tricopper phosphates Mineral Enrichment
Pet food ABASTOL, CARNAL Protein decomposition



Application Product Uses
Antacida Trialuminium phosphate Neutralization of excess stomic acid
Biotechnology Ammonium phosphates, Phosphoric acid, Potassium orthophosphates, Sodium orthophosphates Nutrient
Manufacturing of tablets and capsules DI-CAFOS – types (Dicalcium phosphates)Tri-CAFOS – types (Tricalcium phosphates) Excipient, Filler, Calcium enrichment
Mineral formulations Calcium orthophosphates,Ferric phosphatesMagnesium orthophosphatesPotassium orthophosphates Mineral source
Physiolog. Solution Mono -/ Dipotassium phosphateMono -/ Disodium phosphateSodium acid pyrophosphate BufferingDisintegrating component



Application Product Uses
Powder CAFOS MTricalcium phosphate Free flowing agentCarrier material
Toothpaste Cafos D-type(Calcium phosphates)Potassium pyrophosphatePotassium tripolyphosphateSodium hexametaphosphateSodium pyrophosphatesSodium tripolyphosphateSodium trimetaphosphate



Potassium orthophosphates

Sodium orthophosphates


Polishing agentdesensibilizationPrevention of tarterSupport of fluoride

resorption and remineralization




Industrial Applications


Application Product Uses
CeramicsCoating systemsDentalGypsum, cement 

Refractory materials



Roof tiles, ceramic masses



Water glass










Glazes, Coatings, Oxidation protectionInvestment casting materialsSet retarder, set acceleratorChemical binder



Dispersing agent, engobing auxiliary




Deinking BUDEX (Phosphonic acids) Stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide
Drilling mud treatment BUDEX®, BUDIT®Monosodium phosphateSodium acid pyrophosphate Dispersing agentHardness stabilizationCorrosion protection
Dry, powder-type fire extinguisher Ammonium phosphatesTricalcium phosphate Fire fightingFree flowing agents
Enamel Aluminium metaphosphateAmmonium phosphatesBoron phosphateSodium phosphatesTricalcium phosphateTetrapotassium phosphate Enamelling improvement
Flame retardants BUDIT®(Ammonium polyphosphates) Fire protection
Furs (hides) Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer
Horticultural fertilizers Ammonium phosphatesPhosphoric acidPotassium phosphates Nutrient
Insulation materials BUDIT®FABUTIT® Flame retardants, Flue-gas reductionBonding agent
Leather BUDIT® Tanning
Metal treatmentAluminium workpiecesAntirust agentsPickling agents 

Wire drawing



Degreasing agents







Lubricant pastes












Production of drop forging parts



Production of seamless steel tubes


Wire ply insertion in radial tyres


Trisodium phosphatePhosphoric acidPhosphoric acidPhosphoric acid 

Phosphoric acid



Potassium pyrophosphate

Potassium tripolyphosphate

Sodium tripolyphosphate

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate

Tripotassium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate


Trialuminium phosphate

Tricalcium phosphate

Zinc pyrophosphate



Mono – / Dimanganese phosphate

Monozinc phosphate

Phosphoric acid

Sodium acid pyrophosphate

Sodium orthophosphates









Copper pyrophosphate

Polishing, burnishingCorrosion protectionRemoval of rust and scale 

Formation of zinc phosphate based separating film


Hardness stabilization, dispersion of soilings saponification of greases and oils




Separating agents and lubricants



Production of a temporary protective coating, improvement of paint adhesion






Drop forging lubricant

Separating agent

Pregraphiting agent


Mandrel bar lubricant

Desoxidation agent


Firmly bonded copper coatings


Optical glasses Aluminium  metaphosphate,Barium phosphate,Boron phosphate,Calcium phosphate,Lithium phosphate,Magnesium metaphosphate Raw materials
Paints and LacquersDispersion paintsFlame retardant paints







Dispersing agent for pigments and fillersRust inhibitor, prevention of efflorescenseFire protectionAnti-corrosion pigments
PaperBleaching of cellulose and wood pulpFilled and coated papersFlameproof papers 

Waste paper processing


BUDEX® (Phosphoric acids)BUDIT®BUDIT®





Hydrogen peroxide stabilizerDispersing agent for china clay, chalkFire proofing 



Wet strength paper defiberizing


Photography BUDEX® (Phosphonic acids)BUDIT® (Phosphates) Sequestering of multivalent metal ions
Plastics BUDIT®Tetrasodium  pyrophosphateTricalcium phosphate Flame retardants, Flue-gas reductionStabilizer for ABS productionStabilizer in polystyrenePolymerization
TextilesBleachingFlame retardant treatmentWet finishing 



BUDEX®  (Phosphonic acids)Tetrasodium pyrophosphateBUDIT®BUDEX® (Phosphates)BUDEX® (Phosphonic acids)





Sodium orthophosphates


Tricalcium phosphate


Hydrogen peroxide stabilizerFlame retardantsSequestering of hardness constituents and heavy metal ions, dispersing agent, enhancing of detergent action and washing power 

pH value adjustment


Free flowing agent

Washing and Cleaning agentsCleaning agents, ready-to-use cleanersDetergents 


Liquid cleaning agents and detergents








Powder-type cleaning agents and detergents



EPUR®, BUDAN®, contract productionBUDEX® (Phosphonic acid)Sodium hexametaphosphateSodium tripolyphosphateTetrasodium pyrophosphate


BUDEX® (Phosphonic acid)


Phosphoric acid


Potassium tripolyphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate

Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate



BUDEX® (Phosphonic acids)


Carbamide phosphate

(urea phosphate)


Sodium hexametaphosphate

Sodium  tripolyphosphate

Tetrasodium  pyrophosphate


StabilizationHardness stabilization, dirt dispersion enhancement of detergent action 

Hardness stabilization


Lime solvent


High solubility, hardness stabilization, soil dispersion, enhancement of detergent action and washing power


Hardness stabilization


pH value adjustment, lime solvent


Hardness stabilization, soil dispersing agent, enhancement of detergent action and washing power


Water treatmentAutoclave waterBoiler water 

Cooling water, process water




Drinking water



Pit water




Waste water













Ammonium phosphates

Phosphoric acid

Hardness stabilization,Corrosion protectionPrevention of scale and deposition of hardness constituents, oxygen bindingCorrosion inhibitionHardness stabilization,

Dispersal of suspended matter


Hardness stabilization,

Corrosion protection


Prevention of precipitation of barium sulphate, calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate


Nutrient for biological purification




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